Thanks for waiting!

Posted by Kenny on 1/1/2018
Hi everyone, 
  I hope you had a safe and pleasant new year. It has been very busy around here with all of the construction to the new facility. And the low temps around here haven't helped. Currently 9 degrees. We are "up" but not quite running yet. More of a brisk walk. While ordering is enabled on the site, shipping will be back logged for a couple days while we produce the proper level of stock to fill orders. especially on the 'Cold Water Favorites'. As far as the current product line goes, right now it is limited. We will be adding many of the items you were used to seeing on the Winco site. Just nee a little time to get it done. If there is a product you were used to getting from Al but don't see it on our site yet, send us an email. We may (probably) have it, just not on the site yet. If you need it badly we can work something out. 
Thanks again for your loyalty and business.